Understanding Your Baby’s Skin Type

Do not think it is too early for your baby to have a skin type, knowing a baby’s skin type helps you know what baby skincare products they may react to. Your hesitancy and confusion in getting baby skincare products can be eliminated if you understand their skin type. You should get baby skincare products that align with your baby’s skin type.

Baby’s skin types include:

  • Rough and Flaky Skin Type: Like adults, babies have different levels of skin dryness. A flaky and rough skin would mean that your baby’s skin type is dry. Some babies are born with dry skin which can be heightened when they stay in a cold environment.

Babies cannot maintain the hydration level of their skin because they are still developing their skin barriers. To prevent more damage to your baby’s skin since dry skin can be easily damaged, cautious hydration is necessary

  • Dry and Itchy Skin Type: A baby skin type that is dry and itchy skin is more prone to eczema; it shows like dry patches on your baby’s skin.

Eczema, otherwise known as Atopic dermatitis can be itchy and painful. Some newborn parents see their babies cry and do not know that it may be associated with this skin reaction. Your baby can get eczema if there is a history of it in the family.

The baby’s skin type may make your baby’s skin appear reddish and raised. Your baby may experience alternating periods of pain and relief that may wear you down as a parent. Baby skincare products with sunflower or avocado are best for this baby skin type.

  • Soft and Supple Skin Type: A baby’s skin type that is soft and supple is regarded as normal and shows no sign of sensitivity or dryness. It is mostly the baby skin type goal of most parents.

As safe as this skin type is, you would still need to pay prompt attention to what you apply to your baby’s skin because the skin barriers are still not fully developed.

  • Reddening Skin Type: Some babies have skin types that get reddened easily for different factors. This baby skin type is called very sensitive skin. They easily respond to environmental conditions, minerals, and beauty product ingredients.

A Baby’s skin type with a reddening experiences more personal discomfort from these irritations than on the skin itself. You would need to carefully select mild products that do not contain hard substances for your baby with this type of skin.


It is of great importance to know your baby’s skin type because this knowledge frees you from consistent trials and errors regarding what baby skincare products you want to try for you baby. Some errors are more detrimental than you can imagine, save your baby from such.

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