For Women with Natural Hair

The new Organic Hair Care Range formulated by our hair consultant will instantly eliminate hair breakage and grow your hair 5 times faster, resulting in a THICKER, SEXIER, and NATURAL hair. 
It works on natural and relaxed hair, and without any side (adverse) effect.


One customer used it to grow her natural hair by 6 inches in 8 weeks

Rapid hair growth using our special hair formula.

Image of a fully grown and nice looking hair

While most women are frustrated with the stress of caring for their natural hair and from using expensive hair products that don’t work, a few women (who are in the know) are secretly using this new wonder hair range of ours to eliminate dandruff in days or weeks, repair damaged hair fast, end itchy scalp with ease, end hair breakage instantly, grow back their frontal hair fast, double their hair growth daily, grow fuller, blacker and sexier hair, and enjoy the admiration of people because of their glittering and shiny hair.

They only invest a tiny sum to enjoy this awesome experiences and results.

Most women who use our product receive tonnes of compliments when they’re out for functions, events or errands — friends and strangers always tell them how they love their hair and usually ask to touch it. They just can’t help not having to receive compliments everywhere they go.

You Too Can Enjoy This Exact Experience, Starting Today.

Photo of our hair consultant

Meet the Hair Consultant Behind the Wonder Organic Hair Range

Hello there,

My name is Nma Arua.

I am a trained skin and hair consultant based in Lagos, Nigeria.

After 13 months and many attempts, I finally found a “Special Natural Hair Formula” for a Long, Shiny, and Natural hair.

Introducing Classic Organics Hair

The 6 Organic Hair Care Products

Instantly eliminates hair breakage.

Eliminates dandruff

​Produces rapid hair growth (5 times faster)

Gives fuller, thicker hair

Produces darker, blacker hair

Ends itchy scalp (no more embarrassments)

Produces shiny, glittering hair (stands you out)

Acts as detangler (stops tangling and makes your hair easier to comb)

Softens and moisturizes the hair

Repairs damaged hair

Moisturizing, Anti breakage and Dandruff Shampoo

This is specially formulated to improve the look and feel of your hair and scalp. It repairs and washes your hair intensively while leaving it moisturised. This also prevents breakage, eliminates itchy scalp and treats dandruff.

This alone goes for N2,500 ($6.95) instead of N3,500. That’s a 50% discount.

Detangling and Moisturizing Leave in Conditioner

This is specially formulated to keep your hair moisturized. It also gives you a softer hair in a short time and adds volume to hair.
This great detangler also repairs split ends so you’ll finally start combing your hair without pain or stress.

This alone goes for N2500 ($6.95) instead of N4000. That’s a 50% discount.

Intensive Repair Deep Conditioner

This is specially formulated to help repair your dry and damaged hair.
It stops shedding and promotes rapid hair growth.
This product also conditions and improves the health of your hair.

 This alone goes for N3000 ($8.34) instead of N5000. This is saves you N2500.

Replenishing Rinse Out Conditioner

Replenishing Rinse Out Conditioner

This is specially formulated to rehydrate, strengthen and protect your hair strands. It smoothens your hair cuticle to detangle, increase shine and reduce fizz.

 This alone goes for N2000 ($5.6) instead of N3000. This is a 50% discount.

Super Growth Oil

This is specially formulated to help improve your hair volume and thickness. It stimulates rapid hair growth (5 times faster) and eliminates hair breakage by protecting your hair strands against damage.

 This alone goes for N3000 ($9.73) instead of N4000.

Super Hair Growth Oil
Hair Growth Butter

Hair Growth Butter

This organic product is specially formulated to stop excessive hair breakage. It keep your hair moisturized  and stimulates rapid hair growth.

Imagine your thick black shiny natural hair hanging halfway down your back and the compliments you’ll receive as you go about your day.

 This alone goes for N3000 ($8.34) instead of N4000. That’s a 50% discount. You save N1000.

You can buy any of these products individually or you can buy a package.

Free Gift When You Order

It’s one thing to order a hair product and another thing to use it right; that’s why we’ll also send our Secret Hair Regimen to you — a 5 minute video revealing exactly how to use these products for maximum results.

So, when you order any package of Classic Organics, you’ll get The Secret Hair Regimen for 100% FREE.

 Please note that payment confirms eligibility for this offer.

60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

We’re sure Classic Organics hair products will give you a healthy, shiny hair that attracts compliments all day long.  That’s why we’re willing to refund your money if the product does not work on your hair.

So, try the Classic Organics Hair Range” for 60 days and if you do not see a change in your hair, ask for your money back and we’ll refund you.

On a lighter note, we have NEVER had any refund yet and this is because our product WORKS.

No other company gives this kind of guarantee.


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